Kira Nezu

4 May 2013


We think that technology should help to make the world a better place. Since this is a super challenging claim, we at Datarella drill it down to the individual – until we can meet that expectation: with our explore app, we help the individual to live a better life. Thus, explore in combination with behavior analytics technology in the background, has a deep impact on the living conditions of the end user and becomes socially relevant.

We engage in ‘The Quantified Self’ – self-tracking via smartphone and wearable apps.

We support businesses and governmental bodies to make the best of data science – applied Big Data – and the quantified self. We offer introductory lectures, workshops, development, and project management from the birth of an idea to the deployment.

explore is a mobile guide for the end user to improve the quality her life. explore is personalized, interactive and self-learning. The user can subscribe to explore guides – e.g. the ‘Osteo-Guide’ – matching her individual life situation. These guides will help our users to manage their lives better.

At its core, explore is an app which collects data from its user: actively, by asking the user relevant questions based on her behavior; and passively, by collecting the phone’s sensor data.

We develop white label solutions, loyalty tools, and offer insights and analytics from mobile tracking data.

Quantified Self, Mobile Tracking, Data Science, Big Data