Kira Nezu

4 May 2013

Datarella Prediction Engine

Data provides researchers and companies with an in-depth view of aggregation states and the behavior of humans and things. In Big Data projects – as distinguished from classic market research – all data will be collected and stored abundantly and as raw data; without any data handling at this stage. There is no hypothesizing – all insights result from available raw data directly, using data analytics tools. Subsequently used data visualization tools uncover insights for those groups of people with less affinity to data science.

Besides describing actual or historical aggregation states or behavior, it’s possible to predict future behavior if adequate data is available; e.g. how should advertisements be created to generate high conversion rates? Or, what are the key success factors for media contents in order to maximize their reach and audience? These and other questions regarding future success may be answered by using intelligent prediction tools.

The Datarella Prediction Engine has been designed for gathering precise statements regarding future success in the areas of media & advertising, eCommerce, finance, mobility and health. For more information about the DPE please contact us..