Within everID, everKEY is our Decentralized Key Recovery solution for wallets and other products that require highly secure key management.

Decentralized public key infrastructure is a fundamental technology that allows users to authenticate themselves, without relying on a trusted centralized authority. Private keys grant the users access and control over their accounts, their assets, and even to their digital identity (SSI). 

everKEY allows users to securely backup and recover cryptographic keys using only their EU legal identity by leveraging a client-side, secret sharding and encryption combined with an EU-standard eIDAS authentication.

Integrated Wallet
KYC Solution

  • Smart Wallet Functionality
  • Integrated Know Your Customer KYC process
  • Optional: Coins for Steps (User Incentive Scheme)
  • Optional: Coins for Climate (CSR Incentive Scheme)

Software Development Kit

  • eIDAS-based User Authentication
  • Key Sharding & Encryption
  • Decentralized Secure Storage
  • Optional: Corporate ID Card-based User Authentication

SDKR Partners

SDKR is funded by Block.IS (Blockchain Innovation Spaces) Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme Project No. 824509, under the funding framework of the European Commission.