We develop bespoke blockchain-based innovations for and together with our clients, providing full service consulting, development and implementation for business applications based on blockchain technology.



In a finance industry developing at light speed, blockchain provides cryptographic security, cost efficiency and verifiable trust. Applications range from zero-based budgeting to the tokenization of illiquid assets and fully automated micro-insurance.


Supply Chain

We digitize and replace middlemen for efficient, transparent trading along the entire supply chain. Our blockchain-based ecosystems for supply chains ensure the origin, quality, compliance and proper handling of items tracked.



The future of mobility is autonomous, electric and interoperably networked.  Real-time decentralized data management, transparency and GDPR compliance fueled by blockchain technology drive our future mobility solutions.



Smart contract enabled automated processes allow for sustainable humanitarian aid by increasing effectiveness and efficiency of projects. Our solutions are scalable, transparent and  battle tested with the world’s largest humanitarian organizations.

End-To-End Enterprise Blockchain Solutions.

We cover every step in the software production process, from ideation, concept creation, and architecture design, over tokenization and governance models, development and application interfacing, to full implementation and maintenance of productive systems.

We have in-depth expertise in interfacing third-party experts, such as law and tax firms, finance providers, and MarCom agencies.


Concept Creation & Architecture Design

Tokenization & Governance Models

Development & Application Interfacing

Full Implementation & Maintenance of Productive Systems

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