Leverage Datarella’s Expertise for Your Project

At Datarella, we understand the importance of crafting applications and Web3 solutions that are scalable, adaptable, and tailored to unique requirements. Our team combines industry knowledge with cutting-edge technologies:

Web3 Integration

  • Smart contract development (Solidity, CosmWasm, Rust, Substrate)
  • Decentralized application (dApp) development
  • Decentralized storage / hosting (IPFS, Storj)
  • NFT development & creation (OmniFlix, OpenSea, Rarible)
  • Cryptocurrency wallet development (Cosmos, Ethereum, Polkadot, etc).
  • Autonomous AI Agents (

Infrastructure Advantage

  • Continuous Integration and Deployment – always
  • Test driven development for quality assurance
  • IoT device orchestration (Raspi, RockBLOCK, Arm)
  • Mobile device orchestration over 4/5G & Satcom
  • Ansible, Nomad, K8s, Terraform, Minikube
  • Wireguard, Tailscale, VPNs

Web & Backend Development

  • User interface design
  • Front-end development (TypeScript, NestJS, Svelte)
  • Back-end programming (Node.js, Python, Flask)
  • Database management (PostgreSQL, SQLlite)
  • AI Multi-Agent Systems (
  • Custom web applications

Mobile App Development

  • User experience & interface design
  • iOS app development (Swift, Flutter)
  • Android app development (Java, Kotlin)
  • Cross-platform app development (React Native, Flutter)
  • API design and integrations (Swagger, Multi-Agent System)
  • App testing and deployment

By leveraging our experience and technological expertise, we have developed highly innovative products that have achieved significant industry milestones. With a strong emphasis on user experience, performance optimization, and security, our products extend beyond mere visual appeal.