Our Session at the Quantified Self Europe Conference

Kira Nezu

3 May 2014

[Opening the QS Europe Conference 2013: Gery Wolf (left) and Ernesto Ramirez (right)]

The Quantified Self Europe Conference will take place May 10th to May 11th in Amsterdam. This year we are excited to not only visit but also take an active part in the conference. We will host a session:

QS and philosophy

We would like to discuss some philosophical (or rather “ideological”) aspects of QS:
– QS, postprivacy, and communalization of private life.

How does the practice of tracking, sharing, and using data for personal meaning challenge our ideas about human connection, ideas traditionally framed as oppositions between between “individuals” and “society.”

My thoughts on this topic, I have put down here:
“Organizing a System of 10 Billion People”

Hope to see many of you there!