Open Foresight – our session at re:publica 2014

Kira Nezu

4 May 2014

“The future is already there, it is just not evenly distributed” as William Gibson said.

At re:publica 2014 conference in Berlin we will demonstrate methods and tools to make good predictions and foresighting from sources found on the Net.

“With Big Data comes the end of the pundit” – foresight, predicting the future from the present, has always been the realm of obscure trend researchers, strategy planners, intelligence services or the RAND Corporation.

To get to useful insights about the changes in society, politics, culture, or technology, we do no longer have to rely on the esoteric, propriatory knowledge of individual researchers or institutes. We can harvest the tremendous treasure that lies at hands in the Internet.

In our session we will demostrate at real cases how to derive patterns and trends from sources like Twitter, Google Books or Google Correlate without heavy programming skills; we will search blogs with self-made crawlers, we will demonstrate how to find and visualize Twitter networks, and how to get information on people’s behavior using meta-data (just like the NSA does according to Snowden …)

Come to our session:

re:publica conference

Wednesday, May 7th at 12:30pm
stage B

Link to the re:publica-site:
re:publica Open Foresight

Audiostream from the session (in German):