Designing the Logo for Track & Trust

Kira Nezu

2 October 2019

In October 2018, we started developing a blockchain based supply chain solution for UK government’s DFID. The system was supposed to track accountability of goods on their way to disaster areas. In June 2019 we successfully tracked a shipment from Pakistan to Dubai, involving four parties managing and handing over the shipped items. With this delivery, the first pilot was successfully concluded. We are continuing to develop the system – which now carries the name „Track & Trust“.

So, naturally, a system under continuous development needs some kind of visual identity – starting with the logo. Having a strong graphical background, anything that needs to be visually enhanced at Datarella ends up on my desk – be it websites, visuals or: Logos. To be honest, this kind of work is a real treat for me! It allows for deep concentration on one single task (opposed to fast communication of everyday work). So, I indulged in some meditative work for a few hours and came up with the Track & Trust logo.

At the beginning of the logo design process, we brainstormed on which qualities, objects and attributes we connect with the Track & Trust system. We came up with: Accountability, security, location, path, road, ID, fingerprint, authenticity, address tag, technology – and the letter „T“.

After completing this list, I chose 1-3 aspects and started scribbling with pencil and a good deal of paper. The winning idea of this scribble contest then was replicated in vectors (I prefer Adobe Illustrator for this work).

The result combines several attributes: The sense of security is transported through the shield form of the logo. The lines represent authenticity and digitalization through their fingerprint- and circuit-like appearance. And lastly, even the letter “T” made it into the logo!