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We provide realtime Big Data analysis, based on a pool of behavior data of people’s every day lives, collected via smartphone sensors.

Business Solutions

We provide brand and customer loyalty programs, inhouse communication analyses and self-care schemes as customized products and services.


We provide in-depth Big Data and Quantified Self expertise for our clients to obtain a comprehensive perspective on their customers’ behavior.

Explore – Your Personal Coach

With explore you will learn more about yourself and your own behavior. Your personal coach will ask questions about yourself, your daily activities, your habits and opinions. Additionally, explore tracks your locations and movements. You will get realtime feedback of your behavior compared with that of other users. Reasons to use your personal coach explore:

  • Wearable app – always at your side
  • Learn more about yourself
  • Highly usable surveys
  • Effortless usage
  • Realtime feedback and charts

  • Valuable hints and recommendations
  • Intelligent, event-based notifications
  • Benchmarking with other members
  • Personal coach to improve your life



The QS Blog

Sharing Goods And Sharing Data: Both Is Fun, Big Business And A Social Responsibility

Sharing Goods And Sharing Data: Both Is Fun, Big Business And A Social Responsibility

Around 2010, Lisa Gansky coined the term Sharing Economy, or Mesh companies, offering their customers efficient shared access to their products instead of selling their products to them. Recently, it’s being called Collaborative Consumption or Collaborative Economy. It’s all about finding ways to make better use of valuable resources that have remained unused. Convenient access is being made affordable to people who can’t afford different products, or simply don’t need […]

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Our partners

  • European Space Agency
  • Bayern Innovativ
  • evobis
  • Osteo Zentrum
  • WirtschaftsWoche

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Datarella Team Happiness

  • 99%
  • 93%
  • 90%
  • 97%

Team Happiness?

The Datarella team member’s happiness values stem from their daily answers of the daily “well-being” interaction in the exlore app. This interaction is repeated on a daily basis to provide explore users with insightful information about their individual well-being compared with the happiness levels of all explore users over time. If you want to know more about your own happiness level, download explore and give it a try!


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