Datarella is a Big Data and Blockchain solutions provider.

Mission Statement
Datarella delivers data-driven solutions -everything you need for digital business transformation and Big Data: Cloud storage and computing, machine learning (AI) and predictive analytics. Datarella Blockchain Solutions is your full service consulting and development for business applications of the blockchain. Datarella IoT Solutions provide data driven business logic for connected devices and the industrial internet.

Workshops, trainings and change management consulting support businesses on their way to becoming digital. With our proprietary technologies such as Datarella Prediction Engine, the Datarella Sensory Framework or the IoT controller BAYDUINO Datarella develops bespoke innovations for our clients‘ products and services. With CodeLegit, Datarella’s legal libraries for smart contracts, we close the gap between code and law on the blockchain.

Datarella serves clients over many industries: Insurance, Automotive, Manufacturing, Finance, Media, Politics and Government – here an excerpt:




Medication Plans on The Blockchain – Building a Decentralised Application in Healthcare

The theme of this post is easily generalised to other use cases and serves as an example of how blockchain technology can shift power and trust in a well-established system, in this case the one of health care. TL;DR Medical prescriptions should be unified and digitalised. They should be resilient and controlled by the real owner …

Building Blocks – How the World Food Programme is harnessing Blockchain technology to deliver humanitarian assistance

What started with a Proof-of-Concept in Pakistan in early January this year, has been transformed in a fully functional Blockchain pilot being rolled out in Jordan in May, 2017. The Building Blocks project not only demonstrates the power and the impact of blockchain technology and its potential to enhance the lives of millions  but it …