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We provide realtime Big Data analysis, based on a pool of behavior data of people’s every day lives, collected via smartphone sensors.

Prediction Engine

We predict future behavior and provide statements regarding key success factors for media contents in order to maximize reach and audience.

Consulting & Workshops

We provide in-depth Big Data and Quantified Self expertise for our clients to obtain a comprehensive perspective on their customers’ behavior.


My AlgorithmicMe: Our representation in data

Talk at Strata + Hadoop World Conference 2016, San Jose, Ca. Today, algorithms predict our preferences, interests, and even future actions—recommendation engines, search, and advertising targeting are the most common applications. With data collected on mobile devices and the Internet of Things, these user profiles become algorithmic representations of our identities, which can supplement—or even replace—traditional social research by providing deep insight into people’s personalities. We can also use such data-based representations of ourselves to build intelligent agents who can act in the digital realm on our behalf: the AlgorithmicMe. These algorithms must make value judgments, decisions on methods, or presets of the program’s parameters—choices made on how to deal with tasks according to social, cultural, or legal rules or personal persuasion—but this raises important questions about the transparency of these algorithms, including our ability (or lack thereof) to change or affect the way an algorithm views us. Using key examples, Joerg Blumtritt and Majken Sander outline some of these value judgements, discuss their consequences, and present possible solutions, including algorithm audits and standardized specifications, but also more visionary concepts like an AlgorithmicMe, a data ethics oath, and algorithm angels that could raise awareness and guide developers in building their […]

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Our partners

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Datarella Team Ecological Footprint (% of 16 hrs per day)

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Datarella Team Happiness

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  • 97%

Team Happiness?

The Datarella team member’s happiness values stem from their daily answers of the daily “well-being” interaction in the exlore app. This interaction is repeated on a daily basis to provide explore users with insightful information about their individual well-being compared with the happiness levels of all explore users over time. If you want to know more about your own happiness level, download explore and give it a try!


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