Winning Team OMS – Blockchained Mobility Hackathon

Kira Nezu

9 August 2018

The winning team received USD 5 000 + 50 000 XSC tokens and the opportunity to pitch their project to the IOTA Ecosystem Fund for 50.000 USD.

“In our vision we created the first Open Mobility Marketplace for IOTA – by enabling mobility provider companies (B2B) to publish mobility services offers (B2C), customers to search for them and conclude contracts in an easie way.”

Q: What problem does your project solve?

A: The API reduces hurdles to assimilate IOTA in existing architecture and facilitates mirroring of services and physical offer’s digital twins into an IOTA-based open marketplace.

Q: What expertise and roles do your team members have?
Experience: Business Practioneer & Innovation Specialist, IT educated, working experience in Automobility, Finance, E-Commerce
Role in team: Scrum Master, Platform- and Business-Strategist, Product-Development

Experience: Reseacher in engineering, focused on smart mobility solutions
Role in team: Reviewing solution space, creating backup strategies

Experience: Web Services, API architecture and design, JVM
Role in team: Backend/Middleware Development

Experience: Backend & Fronted Senior Developer
Role in team: App Development, IOTA-Interface

Experience: Bridgebuilder between business & development, with mobility business and FrontEnd, Backend, IOTA & Ethereum development experience
Role in team: Mentor, Product-Development, Website FrontEnd, IOTA-Logic

Q: Which technologies do you use for which purposes?

Java: Backend/Middleware Technology
Spring Boot: Server Environment
Swagger: Automation and Infrastructure
NodeJS: IOTA APIs (publishing mobility offers, retrieve receiver address from Tangle, and send transactions requests)
JavaScript: Website Frontend

Q: How do you plan to proceed with your project?


  1. Enhancing software architecture
  2. Implementation of a prototype
  3. Producing a howTo and documentation
  4. Pitch to IOTA Ecosystem fund
  5. Founding an open source & community organisation