Track & Trust Triumphs in ESA Factory Acceptance Test


4 July 2023

Datarella and its partners Weaver Labs and OroraTech are proud to announce: Track & Trust has successfully passed the Factory Acceptance Test of the European Space Agency (ESA)! The development of Track & Trust has been successfully completed, undergoing rigorous testing procedures. Now, it is time for Track & Trust to showcase its capabilities and create value in a real-world deployment.

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Track & Trust combines modern Web3, communication, and satellite technologies, creating a robust supply chain solution that caters to the actual needs of users. By leveraging these cutting-edge advancements, Track & Trust allows logistics companies and humanitarian organizations to navigate complex scenarios, such as aid supply coordination in regions with compromised or non-existent communications infrastructure. Even in remote and disconnected areas, Track & Trust provides the transparency and authentic data required for efficient operations.

From the very beginning, efforts were made to understand the requirements in the field of logistics precisely. Real logistic processes were examined to identify their weaknesses. We have dedicated ourselves to developing a robust system that ultimately had to meet high stress criteria in the testing procedures required by the ESA, which funded the project with about EUR 1.5 million. We went through a complex development process where partners with three different technologies had to position their core competencies appropriately while integrating them seamlessly to become more than the sum of their parts.

The product – introducing Probabilistic Supply Chain Tracking
Unlike traditional supply chain solutions, Track & Trust offers a probabilistic approach to tracking goods. Any interaction with the shipment, including scanning a Track & Trust QR code, triggers a status update, providing as much information about the shipment as possible! It is ultimately up to the client which information to utilize. Track & Trust’s emphasis on data collection unlocks a world of possibilities for process innovation. By leveraging the data obtained from the operational area, logisticians can complement and expand their services in new and exciting ways. This data-driven approach opens doors to potential future extensions, such as training AI models to predict delivery shrinkage, stock levels, and route recommendations. By harnessing the power of data, Track & Trust generates added value for logistic companies’ customers, offering new competitive advantages in the industry

What lies ahead in the journey of Track & Trust?
We have successfully completed a significant milestone with the Factory Acceptance Test. Concrete processes with our partners are already being planned for the upcoming pilot phase. In the coming weeks, these plans will be further refined, and the delivery of Track & Trust system components will be carried out in the most suitable deployment area where it can achieve the greatest impact and benefit. We will announce the specific deployment scenario in our future blog posts. So, stay tuned!

Our next milestone is the Site Acceptance Test. Here we will conduct another series of tests under real conditions before the system is used for the first time by logisticians and partners.

We are excited to demonstrate the impact and benefits of Track & Trust very soon and to revolutionize the supply chain sector with its technological potential!