Vitamin D – the happiness factor you are in control of

Michael Reuter

3 June 2014

Do you know your Vitamin D level? Did you know that your Vitamin D Level has a great influence on your wellbeing? Living in northern Europe or Canada, you are at risk for vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin, but it also occurs in some foods, including fish, eggs and dairy products.

As an adult, you should ingest at least 20 micrograms of vitamin D per day. To prevent diseases, such as multiple sclerosis or cancer, even significant higher doses are recommended. If you go for walks or exercise outdoor on a daily basis, you already do a lot for a healthy vitamin D level. If you are more the manager type, sitting indoor all day and use a car or other “indoor” means of transportation instead of riding your bike, you probably should supply your body with an extra portion of vitamin D.

Starting by the end of June, we will run a field study with our explore app and we would like to invite you to participate. Together with our partner biotrakr, a Berlin-based health startup, we will check your vitamin D level: you will get our blood test kit with which you can take a sample of your own blood. Additionally, you should answer a special vitamin D interaction in the explore app. A few days after having finished the interaction and having sent the kit back to our laboratory, you will be provided with your lab results in a personal area of the biotrakr website. The results of the vitamin D interaction will, as usual, be presented in explore itself.

In this short video the blood test is explained (German):

The vitamin D check-up will be supervised by Dr. med. Astrid Vidal, who runs doctor’s offices in Weilheim and Rosenheim, Germany.

How can you participate in the vitamin D check?
On Wednesday, June 11, you can answer our interaction “Vitamine” in the explore app. If you answer the last question with “Yes” and you are one of the very first 25 applicants, you are in! You will be informed via a personalized “Tipp” in explore. This first vitamin D check will be in German language only. If you prefer to participate in English, you’ll have to wait for the next check, wich will be offered in both languages.

The vitamin D check:
Delivery of blood test kits: between June, 16 – 20
Return of blood test kits to laboratory: latest June, 27
Answering of vitamin D interaction in explore app: until June, 27
Results in explore app: immediately after having finished the interaction
Results of laboratory blood test: July, 4
Participants: max. 25
Terms & conditions: You may participate in the vitamin D check if you are one of the first 25 explore app users who apply for the check in the published interaction “Vitamine”.

We are looking forward to run this vitamin D check together with you and to compare the results of the laboratory blood test with the interaction in explore.