The Datarella Web3 Company Builder Model

Michael Reuter

26 June 2022

With Datarella, we have been building software, tools, and applications for Web3 since 2015. Our first truly global project has been the Building Blocks application which enables users to securely pay with their smartphones in refugee camps.

We‘ve developed Track & Trust, a tracking solution for humanitarian aid logistics that leverages satellite communication. In the mobility sector, we have created SSI apps and smart parking solutions to enable secure P2P communications, streamline traffic flows, and minimize CO2 emissions. With 16 other companies, we’re part of Gaia-X consortium moveID that will create the decentralized digital infrastructure for mobility in Europe. And much more! And, in 2020, we decided to leverage our tech stack and create the Datarella Web3 Company Builder Model.

RAAY Real Estate

In 2020, we have launched RAAY Real Estate (RAAY RE) as our first standalone project, together with two partners from the real estate industry. Our RAAY RE joint venture with Hammer AG and Wertgrund Immobilien AG was the first to tokenize a commercial property, fully licensed by German regulator BaFin – Connex Coin was a breakthrough! RAAY RE will become the legal framework of our future IMMOBIX project and token.

MOBIX Marketplace

In 2021, we launched our micromobility marketplace MOBIX. By using the MOBIX app, more than 350,000 daily active users in over 120 countries are earning MOBIX Miles while riding eco-friendly vehicles, such as scooters, bikes, eBikes, eMopeds, or cargo bikes. By incentivizing users to swap their combustion engines with zero-emission transportation, MOBIX helps to decrease CO2 emissions and to make cities more liveable. In the meantime, MOBIX has evolved into the MOBIX Marketplace GmbH, a Munich-based company owned by Datarella, and

MOBIX family

The latest brainchild of Datarella’s Web3 Company Builder Model is MOBIX family – a decentralized gig economy network. MOBIX family is the first project in the Company Builder Model that will be driven with the support of an external team. Whereas RAAY RE and MOBIX have been built by internal Datarella resources, a young team of aspiring entrepreneurs from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has taken care of the Family’s first steps. The team has presented the first MOBiX family MVP during START Ideasprint 2022, a 4-day hackathon based out of Munich.


In 2023, the next project – NOMIX –  will launch its BIOCLOCK app. Leveraging the same tech stack as other Datarella Web3 companies, NOMIX will help users around the world maximize their healthspans, i.e. living longer while staying healthy!

We at Datarella are very happy to see more and more teams using our Web3 tools and applications, and creating new ventures! Are you interested in joining an existing Web3 team or do you want to pitch your own idea? Do you want to become part of the Web3 world but prefer to participate from the sideline, you might be interested in owning DREX, our Datarella token which entitles the holder to receive tokens of Web3 projects. In either case, please contact us!