Carsten Stöcker, RWE AG, working in the ‘RWE Innovation Hub’ on blockchain technology use cases, will present and discuss his perspective on:

A Global Chained Delivery Network

• Sharing, Decentralisation, Access to Assets, New Forms of Value Exchange

• Physical Delivery and different types of delivery networks

• Chained Delivery Networks

• Example Use Cases

Some of us might have heard about this project of Carsten’s team: a teamwork with to explore some use cases in the energy sector.

The goals for this ethmuc meetup:

• learn about how a huge European utility company views the blockchain

• understand the complexity of a (block-)chained delivery network

• develop new blockchain ideas for the energy sector

If there is time and the spirit is high we might come up with some specific shared economy solutions for the energy sector during this meetup – at least the Datarella guys could add their 2 cents here….

If you can”t make it to the meetup join the discussion on Twitter under #ethmuc!

See you!