Codelegit – Legal Libraries for Smart Contracts

Codelegit’s mission is to bridge the gap between blockchain technology and law. Smart contracts generally aren’t very smart and aren’t actually contracts.

We offer smart contracts which are legal-by-design with built in functionality to resolve disputes. With Codelegit there are no runaway processes. Should a dispute arise, Codelegit enables parties to pause the execution of the smart contract logic.

Parties who agree to Codelegit certified smart contracts also agree to arbitration prior to transacting with one another using arbitration clauses from the Blockchain Arbitration Association. As a result, in the case of a dispute, predefined (updateable) human arbitrators can be automatically activated to adjudicate on the dispute after which the Codelegit certified smart contract execution resumes.

We also offer a Codelegit Arbitration Certificate. Certified dapps undergo technological compliance audits in cooperation with a leading international law firm as the legal auditor. This integrated approach utilizing both technical and legal expertise allows Codelegit to provide true LegalTech products. Fitted with the Codelegit Arbitration Certificate, your dapp runs on the safe side of law.

Codelegit benefits

Codelegit Certified Smart Contracts

Legal-by-design smart contracts. Stay compliant with smart contracts that are actually smart!

Codelegit Arbitration Certificate

Undergo a technological and legal compliance audit with a leading international law firm as legal auditor.

Leverage the Blockchain Arbitration Association

Ensure painless dispute resolution arbitration with predefined, updateable human arbitrators.