Blockchain Meetup 9: Blockchain, Quo Vadis?

Martin Schäffner

10 October 2017

On blocks, tangles and meta-chains – what is the next step for Blockchain?

This time, we will return to the more technical aspects of blockchain: what is the actual state of different platforms, what’s going on with Bitcoin, IOTA, etc., and where does this all lead us to?

In the first talk, Datarella CEO Joerg Blumtritt will provide us with an outlook, especially on the following aspects:

• Softforks & hardforks

• Governance: Segwit or how to change the core of a blockchain

• Topologies: Beyond the block

• Equilibrium research: Consensus mechanisms and the stability of social systems.

• From private to public: From blockchain to “The Blockchain”

Then, Rob Habermeier, Lead Researcher Polkadot, will introduce us to Polkadot.

Present-day blockchain architectures all suffer from a number of issues not least practical means of extensibility and scalability. The team behind Polkadot believes this stems from tying two very important parts of the consensus architecture, namely canonicality and validity, too closely together.

Rob’s talk introduces an architecture, the heterogeneous multi-chain, which fundamentally sets the two apart. Along these, the session will also address Scalability through a divide-and-conquer approach to these two functions, scaling out of its bonded core through the incentivisation of untrusted public nodes.

If you can’t wait for October, 10, you might want to read more about Polkadot and read the Whitepaper (


@iotatoken’s Andreas Ososwski dials in to present the latest developments at IOTA


We are happy to present you two talks adressing the future of Blockchain in depth. That should become a fascinating discussion. See you on October, 10!