Multi-Tenancy on the Secret Network: Sharing the Secret Sauce

Deniz Yavas

29 January 2024

Until now, discussions have primarily centered around Private or Private Permissioned Blockchains in the context of Multi-Tenancy Architectures. Today, a Public Permissionless Blockchain like the Secret Network, with its privacy-preserving functionalities and access control mechanisms, can also implement such a Multi-Tenancy Architecture.

Two contrasting architectural models in software deployment are Multi-Tenancy and Single-Tenancy. In cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environments, Multi-Tenancy allows multiple tenants to share the underlying infrastructure, optimizing resource utilization and reducing overall expenses for individual tenants. In contrast, Single-Tenancy allocates a dedicated instance of the software application to each customer, operating in isolation with its own set of resources.

Graphical depiction of Single-Tenant and Multi-Tenant solutions

Single-Tenant vs. Multi-Tenant Architectures

The Secret Network, a public blockchain protocol centered on privacy-preserving smart contracts, offers a valuable solution for implementing Multi-Tenancy within the manufacturing industry. By harnessing the privacy features inherent in the Secret Network, the manufacturing sector stands to gain significantly from the establishment of cost-efficient, secure, and private data-sharing mechanisms among various stakeholders, including suppliers, manufacturers, and customers.

Distributed Ledger and Blockchain Technology

The progression of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), with blockchain being a notable type, has undergone a substantial transformation in its architecture and applications. This overview traces the evolution of blockchain from Single-Tenant solutions on public networks to the rise of private permissioned networks and the present state where public networks can facilitate multi-tenancy.

Secret Network Overview

The Secret Network, a public blockchain protocol, offers a comprehensive solution for implementing multi-tenancy in the manufacturing industry. It provides privacy-preserving smart contracts, programmable privacy, and a developer-friendly infrastructure, positioning it as an optimal choice for implementing multi-tenancy in the manufacturing sector.

Viewing Keys in Secret Network

Viewing keys, cryptographic tools that enable authorized users to access encrypted data, serve as a means of access control. They allow individuals to securely view specific data, assets, or content while preserving the overall privacy and confidentiality of the information. The owner of the corresponding private key creates a viewing key, which can be shared with trusted parties or applications but can also be revoked, providing a mechanism for controlled and secure data access.

Screenshot of the Secret Networks Testnet Hub Interface showing the functionality of viewing keys.

Example of a transaction which can be read with the correct viewing key but stays encrypted when entering the wrong key


The integration of multi-tenancy within the manufacturing industry, particularly on the Secret Network, harnesses advanced blockchain features and cryptographic tools to achieve cost efficiency, streamlined data access, enhanced resource utilization, flexibility, and collaboration. The strategic use of viewing keys as an access control mechanism enhances the security and privacy of shared data, making it a valuable asset in managing user access within a multi-tenancy framework on the Secret Network.