Dr. Markus Hablizel

After our deep dives into Ethereum Solidity, some Ethereum showcases in the energy sector with RWE and last meetup’s cultural shock with Meredith L. Patterson facing us with major security issues of Turing-complete machines, we want to focus on the finance industry and its respective blockchain use cases in this meetup.

We are very happy to have Dr. Markus Hablizel, blockchain evangelist (the organizer’s wording) of Allianz, an insurance company, presenting some perspectives of corporate blockchain use cases.

Markus works for Allianz as head of the data tribe where he focuses on topics related to data innovation that have the potential to change the way how insurance companies work and do business. The tribe’s main objective is to operationalize those technologies such as, e.g., big data analytics, and make the results tangible for the whole organization.

Markus started several Blockchain initiatives within Allianz and will provide a glimpse into them. Hi latest effort is the Blockchain Insurance Industry Initiative B3i. (https://www.allianz.com/en/press/news/commitment/sponsorship/161018-insurers-and-reinsurers-launch-blockchain-initiative-b3i/)

In his talk he will also touch on the relevance of the Blockchain technology for the financial services industry and beyond.

Looking very much forward to discussing the blockchain with Markus!

Next, we’ll welcome Dr. Dirk Siegel, Partner of Deloitte, presenting Deloitte’s view on blockchain.

Dirk is Partner with Deloitte and leads the Deloitte Blockchain Institute in Germany. He has 25 years of consulting experience in Financial Services, both Banking and Insurance. Throughout his career he has been exploring the interplay between business processes and technology. Dirk holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Cambridge University.

We’re very happy to have Dirk and are looking forward to a lively discussion!

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