ICO Advisory

Setting High Standards With Clear Deliverables

Datarella‘s  ICO Advisory provides companies with a comprehensive guide to execute an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as an innovative financial instrument.

Based on our cross-functional capabilities and extensive experience in this field, Datarella can offer its clients a holistic service offering for sustainable ICO deployment with tangible added value.  The ICO Advisory is a very pragmatic ICO execution tool.

The Economics of Crypto-Tokens Compared to Traditional Stocks

The ICO Advisory includes the following components:

Business Model

An ICO can be regarded as an alternative, innovative financing instrument. However, to leverage the full potential of an ICO, it should be conveyed in synch with the underlying business model.  The best financing results can be expected when ICO key featureas are in line with the structure of the to-be-financed business. Datarella provides ample experience in designing Blockchain-based business models.

  • Business Proposition
  • Token Strategy
  • Financial Model
  • White Paper Creation
  • Market Entry: Token Execution Strategy & Token Delivery


First of all, an ICO is based on Blockchain technology. Datarella’s preferred practice is to deploy ICO’s in organisations with a logical and sound application of blockchain. Blockchain-inherent aspects of decentralization, openness, traceability and immutability serve as a backbone for every solid ICO. Datarella‘s in-depth expertise in blockchain and DLT is the basis for a solid, secure and efficient ICO process.

  • Cryptoeconomics
  • Token Design
  • Token Creation
  • Token Distribution
  • Token Custody
  • Smart Contract Creation
  • Security Concept – DDOS, Penetration Testing (external)
  • Frontend User Interface Design
  • Secure Wallets & Key Management
  • Exchange Deployment
  • Smart Contract Auditing (external)

Legal, Regulation & Tax
(Cooperation Partner: CMS Law . Tax )

Together with the leading commercial law firm CMS, Datarella has been working on the legal, regulatory and tax aspects of Blockchain projects since 2016. Beside data-inherent key aspects, such as GDPR, and other, Datarella and CMS have worked on several ICO projects.

  •  Legal & Regulation
    • Legal Report
    • Legal DD Report
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Legal Token Concept
    • Licensing Agreements, incl. Software Development Agreements
    • Advisor Agreements
    • Venture Capital Agreements
    • Pre-Sale Agreement
  • Token Purchase Agreement (SAFT)
  • Security Prospectuses
    • GDPR review (Gap Analysis, Gap Closing incl. Privacy Policy, etc.)
  • Tax 
    • Tax Compliant Subscription Agreement
    • Tax Report
    • Tax DD Report
    • Financial Statement Accounting


Based on our industry network, we can provide access to ICO-minded investors throughout Europe and Asia.

  • Private Sale (Network Focus)
  • Pre-Sale (Professional Investor Focus)
  • Public ICO (Retail Investor Focus)

Marketing Communication

Our team of MarCom experts support our clients with addressing the relevant target groups with a compelling story, combining classic MarCom methods with the use of innovative social media channels and ICO-specific PR.

  • Roadmap & Marketing Strategy   
  • Implementation and Execution of Performance Marketing
  • Implementation and Execution of Brand Marketing
  • Blockchain & Crypto PR
  • Classic PR   
  • Investor Relations
  • Community Management
  • International Bounty System

Post ICO Services

Typically, an ICO project is not over by the end of the token offering period. Tokens have to be managed, and investors have to be kept informed about the project progress. Our team provides its clients with the necessary tools.

  • Financial Reporting
  • Marketing and Product Placement
  • Token Controlling
  • Long-term Business Development