Applied Data Science

[half class=“nobottommargin“]With Datarella analytics, we use two streams of data to monitor daily human behavior – both provided through our wearable app explore:

The first is passive data generated by communication, movement and interaction data, collected by smartphone sensors. The second is active: regular surveys of the user’s behavior.

The user has three benefits of using the wearable app explore:[/half]

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  • Everybody can use explore. The app itself is free and there is no need of using an additional gadget like a fitness band, or else. It’s in the user’s smartphone – with her all the time.
  • It’s absolutely easy to participate: explore asks the right questions at the right time – nobody must be overly creative and fill in an empty diary – the user just answers short questionnaires in under a minute.
  • The user gets individual personalized recommendations to change her behavior, if necessary. No standardized programs, but individual advice.


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Explore – Your Personal Coach

With explore you will learn more about yourself and your own behavior. Your personal coach will ask questions about yourself, your daily activities, your habits and opinions. Additionally, explore tracks your locations and movements. You will get realtime feedback of your behavior compared with that of other users. Reasons to use your personal coach explore:

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  • Wearable app – always at your side
  • Learn more about yourself
  • Highly usable surveys
  • Effortless usage
  • Realtime feedback and charts


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  • Valuable hints and recommendations
  • Intelligent, event-based notifications
  • Benchmarking with other members
  • Personal coach to improve your life

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