Who We Are

The Team

Joerg Blumtritt CEO

Joerg Blumtritt

20 years experience in TV business, advertising and market research. Collector of chemical elements.

  • Data Science
  • Consulting
Kira Nezu Product

Kira Nezu

20 years experience in interaction design. Martial arts enthusiast and mom.

  • Design
  • App development
Yukitaka Nezu Program Management

Yukitaka Nezu

15 years experience in private equity and corporate finance. Passionate flyfisherman and fly tier.

  • Data Crunching
  • Editing
Michael Reuter Strategy

Michael Reuter

20 years experience in building companies. Tennis player, runner and student of well-being.

  • Innovation
  • Marketing

Mission Statement

Making Technology Socially Relevant

We think that technology should help to make the world a better place. Since this is a super challenging claim, we at Datarella drill it down to the individual – until we can meet that expectation: with our wearable app explore, we help the individual to live a better life. Thus, explore in combination with behavior analytics technology in the background, has a deep impact on the living conditions of the end user and becomes socially relevant.

Three Pillars of Socially Relevant Technology
  • Everybody can use explore. The app itself is free and there is no need of using an additional gadget like a fitness band, or else. It’s in the user’s smartphone – with her all the time.
  • It’s absolutely easy to participate: explore asks the right questions at the right time – nobody must be overly creative and fill in an empty diary – the user just answers short questionnaires in under a minute.
  • The user gets individual personalized recommendations to change her behavior, if necessary. No standardized programs, but individual advice.


We engage in ‚The Quantified Self‘ – self-tracking via smartphone and wearable apps.


We support businesses and governmental bodies to make the best of data science – applied Big Data – and the quantified self. We offer introductory lectures, workshops, development, and project management from the birth of an idea to the deployment.

The wearable App ‚explore‘

explore is a mobile guide for the end user to improve the quality of her life. explore is personalized, interactive and self-learning. The user can subscribe to explore guides – e.g. the ‚Osteo-Guide‘ – matching her individual life situation. These guides will help our users to manage their lives better.
At its core, explore is an app which collects data from its user: actively, by asking the user relevant questions based on her behavior; and passively, by collecting the phone’s sensor data.

Find out how you can use explore for your business!
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